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Age Spots


“Age spots”, or more accurately, sun spots, are caused by sun damage.  These dark spots and freckles are the result of your skin trying to respond to a level of sun exposure that it cannot handle.

It is important that when you see one of these lesions appear that you do not make the assumption that it is harmless.  You should have these checked to make sure they are benign.  Once we have established that they are harmless, they can be effectively treated with a laser.

Since age spots are actually sun spots caused by the sun, the key to prevention of new spots is to avoid the sun and to protect yourself from the sun by using sun screen.  A common source of sun exposure is actually driving your car.  Your car windows filter out all of the sun’s UVA light and none of the UVB.  UVA light is what causes sunburn, but UVB is what causes sun damage and aging skin.  You can have a UVB light filtering screen added to your car windows to prevent all this skin damage.

Patients from Farmingdale Village, Bethpage, Massapequa, Amityville, Melville, Dix Hills & other surrounding towns come to Kushner Dermatology for age spot treatments. Call (516) 882-4882 to make an appointment to have your age spots examined and to discuss treatment options.

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